Legato Application Framework Release Information

Current Stable Release: 17.10.0

Legato AF release notes contain information on new features and resolved outstanding issues. To download the release either download and expand the tarball or clone the tagged repo from GitHub. The build Legato page walks through building a release for specific targets and then updating the target device.

Version Date Release Notes GitHub Tarball User Docs
17.10.0 Nov 21, 2017 17.10.0 Release Notes 17.10.0 tag legato-17.10.0.tar.bz2 latest
17.09.0 Oct 19, 2017 17.09.0 Release Notes 17.09.0 tag legato-17.09.0.tar.bz2 17.09.0
17.08.1 Sept 29, 2017 17.08.1 Release Notes 17.08.1 tag legato-17.08.1.tar.bz2 17.08.1
17.07.2 Sept 8, 2017 17.07.2 Release Notes 17.07.2 tag legato-17.07.2.tar.bz2 17.07.2
17.06.0 July 7, 2017 17.06.0 Release Notes 17.06.0 tag legato-17.06.0.tar.bz2 17.06.0
17.05.0 Jun 23, 2017 17.05.0 Release Notes 17.05.0 tag legato-17.05.0.tar.bz2 17.05.0
16.10.3 Apr 28, 2017 16.10.3 Release Notes 16.10.3 tag legato-16.10.3.tar.bz2 16.10.3
16.10.1 Dec 23, 2016 16.10.1 Release Notes 16.10.1 tag legato-16.10.1.tar.bz2 16.10.1
16.07.0 Aug 18, 2016 16.07.0 Release Notes 16.07.0 tag legato-16.07.0.tar.bz2 16.07.0
16.04.0 Jun 9, 2016 16.04.0 Release Notes 16.04.0 tag legato-16.04.0.tar.bz2 16.04.0

For the latest (in progress) version of the Legato Application Framework clone it directly from GitHub.

The Legato Application Framework is licensed under the MPLv2.

The Legato team welcomes contributions to the project.

Legato Application Framework Release Process

Legato AF releases are not tied to any specific processor product release. Once we have released Legato AF, processor vendors (like Sierra Wireless) will take the Legato AF and integrate it into their own product release.

Legato AF Release Schedule VS Processor Vendor Release Schedule



  • Legato AF Team posts release 17.07
  • Processor Vendor takes release 17.07 and builds an associated Linux Distro to create a "Legato Platform"
  • Processor Vendor tests and releases a "Legato Platform" with their Modem Firmware as "Product Release Y"
  • Legato AF Team posts release 17.08, 17.09 and 17.10 without the Processor Vendor packaging it into a Product Release. Releases are able to installed with the vendor's Product Release Y, but may not be officially supported by the Processor Vendor.
  • Processor Vendor takes release 17.11 and creates a "Legato Platform" and "Product Release Z", and so on..

For any questions about the Product Releases please contact your Processor Vendor directly.