mkcomp can be used to build libraries from component sources, if a separate step is needed as a part of a complex, custom, staged build system (instead of letting mksys, mkapp, or mkexe handle it). But, this should generally be avoided.

This tool is really only here for legacy reasons, and it will likely be removed in future versions of Legato.

mkcomp can be used to pre-build a component library (.so) file.

mkcomp is normally not needed when building through the command line (and is not guaranteed to work and is not supported ).

Use mksys or mkapp. Those tools also build the component libraries, as needed, and mksys can even perform optimizations like sharing of component libraries between apps.

mkcomp is a legacy tool that was used at times as a workaround to support integration with some legacy programs that implement their own main() function. But, the procedure for doing that has changed (see Port Legacy Apps).

To display usage info, run

$ mkcomp --help

See Tool Chain Configuration for information on how mkcomp decides what compilers, etc. to use.