mkexe builds an executable for a target without packaging it as an app. It's used to build some internal parts of the framework, such as the Supervisor and Service Directory.

mkexe is normally not needed outside of the framework build. Instead, mksys (or mkapp) should be used to build apps to deploy to a target device.

mkexe can be used to build command-line tools to copy to a target or to bundle in a root file system image; but using mkexe for this purpose isn't really necessary. Command-line tools can be placed inside an app and either that app can be installed directly on the target (see commands), or the executable can be copied from the app's build directory on the build PC file system after the app has been built.

To display usage info, run

$ mkexe --help

See Tool Chain Configuration for information on how mkexe decides what compilers, etc. to use.