Platform Constraints

AT-command based platforms

The AT-command based platforms (e.g. Raspberry Pi) only support a limited set of functions, please refer to Supported functions on AT-command based platforms section.

Sierra Wireless platforms

  • 'X' means the platform is impacted by limitations on the feature, i.e. by using the API, the User must consider the constraints described in the corresponding page.
  • 'NA' means the feature is not applicable to the platform
Features AR755x AR758x AR759x AR8652 WPx5xx WP76xx
Analog to Digital Converter (le_adc) X X X X X X
Audio (le_audio) X X X X X X
GNSS platform constraints (le_gnss) X X X X X X
Secure Storage (le_secStore) X X X X X X
SIM (le_sim) X X X X X X
SIM Toolkit (le_sim for STK) X X X X X X
Temperature Monitoring (le_temp) X X X X X X
Legato Read Only R/O X X X X X X
Dual System mechanism (le_fwupdate) NA X X NA NA NA