Modem Control platform constraints

Signal strength

On Qualcomm-based platform, the signal strength indication delta resolution set in le_mrc_SetSignalStrengthIndDelta() API depends on the Radio Access Technology (RAT) used.

For TD-SCDMA RAT technology, the signal delta is set with steps of 1 dBm with a minimum of one dBm. Intermediate values less than 1 dBm are rounded. For the other RAT technologies, the signal delta is set with steps of 0.1 dBm with a minimum of 0.1 dBm.

For example, to set a signal strength indication delta of 10.6 dBm, the delta value must be set to

  1. This value is rounded to 11 dBm for TD-SCDMA RAT technology. (105 would have been equivalent to 10dBm on TD-SCDMA).

Under TD-SCDMA RAT technology, a delta value less than 10 is forbiden.

APN Length

To set the Access Point Name (APN) for the given profile, le_mdc_SetAPN() API is used.

The maximum APN length is limited by the platform.

AR755x AR758x AR759x AR8652 WP750x WP76xx WP77xx WP8548
Maxmium APN length 62 62 100

Mobile Terminated PDP context

The Mobile Terminated Packet Data Protocol (PDP) context feature is not supported on all platforms. The table below indicates on which platform the feature is supported. ('X' means the feature is supported)

AR7 AR755x AR758x AR759x AR8652 WPx5xx WP750x WP76xx WP77xx WP85xx
MT-PDP context feature X X X X

Jamming detection

The jamming detection feature is supported on following platforms:

AR755x AR758x AR759x AR8652 WP750x WP76xx WP77xx WP8548
Jamming detection support X

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See Modem Data Control API
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