Modem Radio Control platform constraints

On Qualcomm-based platform, the signal strength indication delta resolution set in le_mrc_SetSignalStrengthIndDelta API depends on the Radio Access Technology (RAT) used.

For TD-SCDMA RAT technology, the signal delta is set with steps of 1 dBm with a minimum of one dBm. Intermediate values less than 1 dBm are rounded. For the other RAT technologies, the signal delta is set with steps of 0.1 dBm with a minimum of 0.1 dBm.

For example, to set a signal strength indication delta of 10.6 dBm, the delta value must be set to

  1. This value is rounded to 11 dBm for TD-SCDMA RAT technology. (105 would have been equivalent to 10dBm on TD-SCDMA).

Under TD-SCDMA RAT technology, a delta value less than 10 is forbiden.

See Modem Radio Control API