WiFi Access Point Test App

The sample shows how to use the WiFi Access Point Service.


Starts a WiFi access point named "wifiApSSID",
with WPA2 passphrase: "passphrase".

It will also provide IP addresses. This is not a part of the WiFi service, but is provided as one of the sample applications.

Use Access Point

This is how to use a one way WiFi Access Point:

  1. Connect your ethernet to your target. The sample will bridge the ethernet and the WiFi APs IP.
  2. Start the application wifiApTest
  3. With your WiFi client (smartphone/PC) do a scan.
  4. You should now see a SSID with the name "wifiApSSID".
  5. Connect to with the passphrase "passphrase".
  6. You should now have gotten an IP.

Look at the sample code for an example of how to bridge the modem and the IP.