Current Stable Release: 20.08.0

The Legato Application Framework release notes provide information on new features and resolved issues in the current release.

Use Leaf to quickly download, install and configure your development environment and get started using Legato.

Legato provides multiple ways to download the source code:

  • Leaf - downloads and configures all the software, tools and environment variables you need to start developing with Legato easily. Leaf maintains its own package repository you can view using: leaf search -t [target].
  • GitHub - clone the FOSS source code (not including proprietary code) from GitHub. This does not include binary apps for connecting to AirVantage.
    Repo command: repo init -u -m [path/to/manifest.xml] -g default,-cache; repo sync (replace path/to/manifest.xml with the repo manifest)
  • Tarball - download the source code directly from Sierra Wireless. The tarball contains both the FOSS and proprietary code.

Legato Application Framework Releases:

Version Date LTS Release Notes Repo Manifest GitHub Tarball User Docs
21.05.0 Dec 22, 2021 21.05.0 Release Notes legato/releases/21.05.0/legato.xml 21.05.0 tag legato-21.05.0.tar.bz2 latest
20.08.0 Nov 19, 2020 20.08.0 Release Notes legato/releases/20.08.0/legato.xml 20.08.0 tag legato-20.08.0.tar.bz2 20.08.0
20.04.0 Apr 16, 2020 20.04.0 Release Notes legato/releases/20.04.0/legato.xml 20.04.0 tag legato-20.04.0.tar.bz2 20.04.0
19.11.6 Dec 18, 2021 LTS 19.11.6 Release Notes legato/releases/19.11.6/legato.xml 19.11.6 tag legato-19.11.6.tar.bz2 19.11.6
19.10.0 Oct 30, 2019 19.10.0 Release Notes legato/releases/19.10.0/legato.xml 19.10.0 tag legato-19.10.0.tar.bz2 19.10.0
19.09.0 Oct 30, 2019 19.09.0 Release Notes legato/releases/19.09.0/legato.xml 19.09.0 tag legato-19.09.0.tar.bz2 19.09.0
19.07.0 Sept 13, 2019 19.07.0 Release Notes legato/releases/19.07.0/legato.xml 19.07.0 tag legato-19.07.0.tar.bz2 19.07.0
19.04.0 Jun 5, 2019 19.04.0 Release Notes legato/releases/19.04.0/legato.xml 19.04.0 tag legato-19.04.0.tar.bz2 19.04.0
19.02.0 Mar 22, 2019 19.02.0 Release Notes legato/releases/19.02.0/legato.xml 19.02.0 tag legato-19.02.0.tar.bz2 19.02.0
19.01.0 Jan 31, 2019 19.01.0 Release Notes legato/releases/19.01.0/legato.xml 19.01.0 tag legato-19.01.0.tar.bz2 19.01.0
18.10.3 Feb 12, 2019 18.10.3 Release Notes legato/releases/18.10.3/legato.xml 18.10.3 tag legato-18.10.3.tar.bz2 18.10.3
18.09.2 May 3, 2019 18.09.2 Release Notes legato/releases/18.09.2/legato.xml 18.09.2 tag legato-18.09.2.tar.bz2 18.09.2
18.08.0 Sep 14, 2018 18.08.0 Release Notes legato/releases/18.08.0/legato.xml 18.08.0 tag legato-18.08.0.tar.bz2 18.08.0
18.07.0 Aug 07, 2018 18.07.0 Release Notes legato/releases/18.07.0/legato.xml 18.07.0 tag legato-18.07.0.tar.bz2 18.07.0
18.06.4 Oct 23, 2018 18.06.4 Release Notes legato/releases/18.06.4/legato.xml 18.06.4 tag legato-18.06.4.tar.bz2 18.06.4
18.05.1 Jun 20, 2018 18.05.1 Release Notes legato/releases/18.05.1/legato.xml 18.05.1 tag legato-18.05.1.tar.bz2 18.05.1
18.04.0 May 8, 2018 18.04.0 Release Notes legato/releases/18.04.0/legato.xml 18.04.0 tag legato-18.04.0.tar.bz2 18.04.0


To install leaf, download and setup our debian package (from the Sierra Wireless tools repository):

$ wget -O /tmp/leaf_latest.deb && sudo apt install /tmp/leaf_latest.deb
$ mkdir ~/myWorkspace; cd ~/myWorkspace

Search and install a package for your target (downloads and automatically installs Legato, the toolchain and tools):

$ leaf search -t [target]
$ leaf setup -p [packageIdentifier] [profileName]

Start developing using the Leaf Shell to configure your environment:

$ leaf shell

Legato Application Framework

The Legato Application Framework is licensed under the MPLv2.

The Legato team welcomes contributions to the project.

Legato LTS Releases and Support Policy

Legato is moving to a Long Term Support (LTS) release model where each LTS release is supported for 2 years (24 months) from the initial stable release date. LTS releases will get security and bug fix updates minimum twice a year. During the support period new features may be added at our discretion depending on whether

  1. They are needed to meet particular regulatory or MNO requirements or standards for new products
  2. If they carry a low risk of introducing regressions.

Pre-release versions (beta release, release candidates or development versions) are not covered by any support period. Sometimes a particular feature may be marked as "experimental" or "preview" in a release. These are also not covered by the support period.

It is recommended that customers move to the latest LTS release and regularly update to newer releases before the support period ends. Our policy is to not continue fixing bugs in releases that are beyond the support period.


  • Legato 19.11.0 was released in January 2020 and will be supported through January 2022.
  • Legato 21.05.x is estimated to be released by end of Nov. 2021 and is estimated to be supported through Nov. 2023.

Legato Releases support status

Release Version Release Date Release Support Status
Legato 21.05.x Estimated Nov. 2021 Estimated Nov. 2023
Legato 19.11.x January 2020 January 2022
Legato 19.10.x November 2019 End of Support

Available Releases

WP76xx WP77xx WP75xx WP85xx
Legato Release 19.11.x 19.11.x 18.04.x 18.04.x
Firmware Release Release 16 Release 11 Release 16.1 Release 16.1

Legato Application Framework Release Process

Legato Application Framework releases are not tied to any specific target product release. Once we have released the Legato Application Framework, target vendors (like Sierra Wireless) will take the Legato Application Framework and integrate it into their own product release.

Legato AF Release Schedule VS Target Vendor Release Schedule



  • Legato AF Team posts release 17.07
  • Processor Vendor takes release 17.07 and builds an associated Linux Distro to create a "Legato Platform"
  • Processor Vendor tests and releases a "Legato Platform" with their Modem Firmware as "Product Release Y"
  • Legato AF Team posts release 17.08, 17.09 and 17.10 without the Processor Vendor packaging it into a Product Release. Releases are able to installed with the vendor's Product Release Y, but may not be officially supported by the Processor Vendor.
  • Processor Vendor takes release 17.11 and creates a "Legato Platform" and "Product Release Z", and so on..

For any questions about the Product Releases please contact your Processor Vendor directly.